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The Cochise College Baseball players and coaches would like to thank all of
the donors who have helped contribute to our program this year.

Cochise Baseball 2017 Fundraising Donors

On Deck Hitters Gabby Finnigan, Tom Patterson, Carolyn Click-Crager, Mike Lavender, Pat Engfer, Lisa Bergen, Franklin
Payne, Lisa Berger, Mark and Kathleen MacDonald, Robert and Jeannine Call, The Bynum Family, The
Kendall Family

Hit a Single Club Doug Messinger, Tony Masciangelo, Jim Smith, Kathy Reeder, Diane Bernal, Gail Skeates, Andrew Tomsic, Gina Davis, Tom Skahan, Sandra Smith, Blake Allred, Ellen Fenimore, Quinlan and Tracy Finnigan, George and Alice Finnigan, Frank and Rose Payne, Jim and Kathleen Greenleaf, James and Laurie Walter,
Woodland and Tara Hodges, William and Juanita Coleman, Joseph and Patricia Marco, The Aulger Family, The Chalmers Family, The Ward Family, The Stringfellow Family, ESAM Investments, Creative Spa Designs

Hit a Double Club Dave and Christy Carafelli, Charles Pugnetti, Charles and Sandra Rogers, Marc and Wendy Rogers

Homerun Club Lynne Webster, Frank and Theresa Bramanti, Ed and Shanah Pugnetti, Craig and Nancy Berge

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