Cochise College Baseball

The Cochise College baseball program has seen a lot of success over the past 6 years. This includes:

-52 players have moved on to the 4-year level

-25 Division I Players

-12 MLB Draft Picks/ Free Agent Signees

-4 All Americans

-ACCAC Conference Champions in 2015 and 2017

-Ranked Nationally in the Top-10, 4 of the last 6 years

-Won more playoff games than any other team in our conference

-Only D-1 team to have made it to playoffs each of the last 6 seasons


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JAN 25 Fri New Mexico JC Henderson, NV 10:00 AM
25 Fri Utah State-Eastern CC Henderson, NV 1:30 PM
26 Sat Arizona Western Henderson, NV 1:30 PM
27 Sun San Jacinto Henderson, NV 9:00 AM  
FEB 1 Fri Utah State Eastern (DH) Douglas, AZ Noon  
2 Sat Utah State Eastern (DH) Douglas, AZ Noon  
8 Fri El Paso (DH) El Paso, TX Noon
9 Sat El Paso (DH) El Paso, TX Noon
16 Sat Eastern AZ (DH)* Douglas, AZ Noon
19 Tue Central AZ (DH)*  Douglas, AZ Noon
23 Sat Glendale (DH)* Glendale, AZ Noon
26 Tue Scottsdale (DH)* Douglas, AZ Noon
MAR 2 Sat Yavapai (DH)* Douglas, AZ Noon
5 Tue Phoenix College (DH)* Douglas, AZ Noon
9 Sat South Mountain (DH)* Phoenix, AZ Noon
12 Tue Tucson Invitational (DH) Tucson, AZ TBA
13 Wed Tucson Invitational (DH) Tucson, AZ TBA
14 Thu Tucson Invitational (DH) Tucson, AZ TBA
19 Tue AZ Western (DH)* Yuma, AZ Noon
23 Sat Gateway (DH)* Mesa, AZ Noon
26 Tue Chandler-Gilbert (DH)* Douglas, AZ Noon
30 Sat Mesa (DH)* Mesa, AZ Noon
APR 2 Tue Pima (DH)* Douglas, AZ Noon
6 Sat Yavapai (DH)* Prescott, AZ Noon
9 Tue South Mountain (DH)* Douglas, AZ Noon
13 Sat Eastern AZ (DH)* Thatcher, AZ Noon
16 Tue AZ Western (DH)* Douglas, AZ Noon
20 Sat Pima (DH)* Tucson, AZ Noon
23 Tue Paradise Valley (DH)* Douglas, AZ Noon
27 Sat Central AZ (DH)* Coolidge, AZ Noon
MAY 2-4  R-Sa Region 1 Semi-finals TBA TBA
9-11 R-Sa Region 1 Finals TBA TBA
16-18 R-Sa District Playoffs Region 9 Site TBA
25-JUN 6 Sa-Sa NJCAA World Series Grand Jt., CO TBA