Women’s soccer starts 20th season

The Cochise College women’s soccer team – soccer field

The Cochise College women’s soccer team begins its 20th season tomorrow afternoon.

The Apaches will host Chandler-Gilbert on Tuesday, August 22, at the Douglas Campus with kickoff starting at 3 p.m.

Matt Johnson, the Apaches assistant soccer coach, says their first game of the season is sure to be a close one.

“Chandler-Gilbert has good players,” Johnson said. “We haven’t beaten them in the three years I’ve been here, but we are confident in our team.”

The college has brought in players from Mexico, Paraguay and Peru as well as Nevada, California and Arizona to build the squad for a total of 9 new team members while 7 returning athletes from last year’s squad will take on the lead this season.

Chas Frisco, the Apaches women’s soccer coach, said, “Our sophomores, who have a year under their belts, will lead, and our internationals and our freshman will help as support players. In time, the newcomers are sure to have their own impact matches.”

Frisco returns for his 4th season at the helm of the soccer program. Prior to his time at Cochise, he was an assistant coach of men’s and women’s soccer at Allen Community College. Frisco came to Cochise College to serve as the assistant soccer coach in 2013 and was named head soccer coach in 2014.

“The team works hard as a group, so every position is key,” said Frisco. “It’s close to a blue-collar work ethic where each part has to do their job for the whole to succeed. Our conference is very tough, so each game will have to be dealt with individually. There is no looking past any team. We’ll take it one game at a time.”

The Apaches’ Division I conference, which took the NJCAA national Championship 3 times in the last 7 years, makes the games extremely competitive. Frisco says his team is up for the challenge but also intends to improve this season while making up for some lost talent.

“We lost some wonderful midfield-players last year,” said Frisco. “But winning comes from a combination of concentration, communication, collaboration and finishing chances. This season we are looking to improve on scoring, defending, athleticism and scheme. We underachieved last year with many season-ending injuries, so this year, we look to bounce back.”