Apaches win game 1

Apache baseball player swings the bat in the Apaches’ 13-3 win over AZ Western.

On a beautiful sunny day at the Apache home ball field, the Cochise College Apaches put a thumping on Arizona Western winning 13-3 in 7 innings. Quality pitching and tremendous at-bats at the plate did it for the Apaches but a lot of work still ahead as they made 4 errors defensively, all by the infield.

It was a shaky first 2 innings for the Apaches defensively allowing 3 runs 2 earned on 4 errors, but that did not stop Alex Tovalin from beating the Matadors. He went 6 innings gave up 8 hits 3 runs 2 earned while striking out 6 and walking only 1. Talk about mound presence and how he competed today, this was his best outing of the season and it came at a perfect time as the offense turned it on.

Every single hitter contributed in one way; HIT, RBI, SAC FLYS, RUNS SCORED ETC. Each one of the Apaches did one of those to help the team win. Logan Bottrell, Luis Hidalgo, and Tag Baxter all had multi-hit days. Dominic Demarco, Luis Hidalgo, Tag Baxter, and Canice Ejoh all had multi-RBI days. With a 8 BB and 7K walk to strikeout ratio they were able to maximize pitch counts and get to the bullpen as early as the 2nd innings. The Apaches have not given a performance like this one in a while offensively but it was a great time to do it.

Come watch the Apaches in hopes of clinching a berth to the Championship game today! Game 2 will begin at 2pm against Arizona Western. If not able to attend please follow gamechanger.